Innovation in contract fabrics

28th May 2015

Technically wonderful: UK fabric suppliers Panaz push the boundaries of innovation.

Panaz are not only leading UK fabric suppliers, and upholstery suppliers, but also stand out amongst European suppliers for high quality fabrics. With a focus on excellence and differentiation, the design of Panaz fabrics is diverse and comprehensive, but it is their pushing of the boundaries of innovation that have won national awards. With Panaz you don't just get waterproof fabrics, you receive high performance fabrics with waterproofing and suitable for use as healthcare fabrics; even our stain resistant fabrics are longer lasting than others.

With constant scrutiny of detail, and meticulous standards, UK fabric suppliers Panaz has succeeded in specialising in several market divisions, including healthcare fabrics with the innovation of their antimicrobial fabrics.

The emphasis on sustainable production, and technical merit, has ensured that Panaz is at the forefront of environmental and ethical advancement in the industry, and amongst UK fabric suppliers. The creation of antimicrobial fabrics needn't compromise on ethics or sustainability.

Our designs are contemporary classics but it is our technical excellence like our antimicrobial fabrics that make us stand out from the crowd.

Antimicrobial fabrics from Panaz have been developed with a unique technology called Shield Plus. This is a unique development by Panaz, meaning that all Panaz healthcare upholsteries feature antimicrobial fabrics, lifting the expectations of all high performance fabrics.

Not only is this a unique treatment, but it is effective for the life of the fabric. Other antimicrobial fabrics are engineered with sprays or treatments that can leach from the fabric into the surroundings. Antimicrobial fabrics from Panaz are not affected by leaching, and many of our curtain fabrics can be washed at thermal disinfection temperatures without ill effects.

Additionally, due to the unique makeup of Shield Plus, the system does not lose strength over time, and microorganisms can’t develop a resistance to it. This is an important point to stress, as antimicrobial fabrics that increase microbial resistance do not serve the healthcare industry well.

For further information about antimicrobial fabrics from UK fabric suppliers Panaz, or any other Panaz products and services, including waterproof fabrics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.