Innovation in contract fabrics

30th June 2015

Environmentally sustainable contract fabrics crown Panaz as ethical fabric suppliers in the UK

We are proud of our legacy as fabric suppliers in the UK and abroad, and will continue to offer our clients the finest contract fabrics that use the best fibres, yarns and finishes. Our emphasis on innovation ensures that wherever there is a more ecologically sound way of creating our high performance fabrics, we will improve and update our manufacturing methods. This not only sets us above other fabric suppliers in the UK, but ensures that Panaz fulfils its ethical responsibilities as well as achieving the highest quality upholstery fabric UK.

Our upholstery fabric UK doesn’t compromise on advanced technical properties in the face of environmental responsibilities.

Since Panaz was established in 1985 as fabric suppliers in the UK, our whole philosophy on the environment and the impact we have on it has been at the forefront of our thinking. It is one of the main drivers we have when considering corporate policy on all that we do as upholstery fabric suppliers.

In 1985, our first decision as ethical fabric suppliers in the UK, was to use dry printing methods that were revolutionary at the time. Dispensing with the need for water during our print processes was new thinking that has since become the norm for our Industry for upholstery fabric suppliers and beyond.

We are not just committed to maintaining and improving the environment in terms of our upholstery fabric UK, our whole business operation is designed to reduce our company’s impact and improve our relationship with the natural world.

All packaging materials, cardboard cores and transfer paper used in our manufacturing processes are obtained from using pulp from sustainable forests. Cores are re-used repeatedly and all other paper products are recycled through waste management systems. All printing inks for upholstery fabric UK and all products are water soluble.

As fabric suppliers in the UK, and in conjunction with the Carbon Trust, we are actively exploring more ways that we can reduce our environmental impact and implement a sustainability programme that will lead us into the next generation of safe sustainable policies as fabric suppliers.