Innovation in contract fabrics

24th July 2015

Panaz remain superior amongst upholstery fabric suppliers

While other upholstery fabric suppliers may consider that a good job done is producing suitable fabrics to order, merely fulfilling requirements does not satisfy here at Panaz. Central to our philosophy as upholstery fabric suppliers is innovation throughout the industry, and imagining the possible future of commercial fabrics. With our company-wide emphasis on technical excellence, we strive to push commercial fabrics to the next level.

It is the constant pushing of boundaries, and a real desire to improve the industry standards and solve the problems of our clients that makes high performance fabrics from Panaz at the cutting edge. Our contemporary design reflects our innovation, but also the user experience of our commercial fabrics, including in our capacity as upholstery fabric suppliers.

Superior technical insight puts our commercial fabrics at the pinnacle of innovation

As specialist upholstery fabric suppliers, a comprehensive performance criterion is created for each design and quality dependent upon the proposed end use, from Healthcare to Hospitality. Once established, using state of the art techniques, yarns, colours and chemistry, technical standards are rigorously adhered to.

 In many cases, Panaz has gone above and beyond to find new and innovative solutions to the problems of clients requiring commercial fabrics, inventing new products and methods to provide a higher quality service. All of our commercial fabrics conform to or surpass industry standards, including our flame retardant curtains and stain resistant fabrics.

For further information about the improved performance of commercial fabrics from upholstery fabric suppliers Panaz, or any other Panaz products and services, including our flame retardant curtains and drapery, please explore the rest of the site.