Innovation in contract fabrics

6th September 2017

Sustainability at the heart of Alusid

Sustainability is at the heart of Alusid’s business strategy and corporate values. Specialising in architectural surfaces, the Preston-based university spin off company has created Silicastone, marking a paradigm shift in sustainable architectural surfaces.

Designed and developed as a uniquely adaptable alternative to natural stone products, Silicastone is an eco-architectural material made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass and pre-consumer vitrified ceramic that can be used for interiors and exteriors applications and available in a range of stock designs and many bespoke possibilities.

Manufactured in the UK, Silicastone production process allows for material to be created without the use of chemicals or resin binders making it fire and heat resistant as well as recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

Alusid was successfully used for the Townhouse project in Camden to support a client looking for an innovative, natural look solution for a large wall incorporating a floating staircase in oak and glass built alongside it. The result was a wonderful backdrop to the dramatic staircase with a natural textured finish and an exceptional overall look due to the sustainability of the material used.

Alusid aims to be a leader in the supply of premium engineered sustainable architectural materials and plans to remain at the forefront of this growing sector through continuous investment in research and development.