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3rd March 2020

Panaz Shieldplus Technology proves effective defence against Coronavirus

As the Government sets out battle plans indicating containment measures in the fight against Coronavirus, Lancashire company Panaz have already taken the proactive step of testing the resistance of their Shieldplus™ Anti-Microbial Technology against Coronavirus, with positively reassuring results for their customers.

As global suppliers of anti-microbial fabrics for the healthcare market, Panaz are acutely aware of the need for textiles which effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases in hospitals, care homes and other environments where vulnerable individuals may be exposed to potentially harmful pathogens.

After extensive testing by an independent laboratory, Shieldplus™ Anti-Microbial Technology has been proven effective against Coronavirus.  Panaz has been manufacturing high-performance fabrics protected by Shieldplus™ Anti-Microbial Technology for several years, and Shieldplus™ is applied to numerous fabric collections, from hospital cubicle curtains to contract upholsteries.

Shieldplus™ Anti-Microbial Technology literally attracts microbes (viruses, fungi and bacteria) and physically destroys them immediately on impact.  It has the broadest spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, including C-Diff Spore and viruses, including the Coronavirus.

The efficiency of the products has been tested for continued performance after multiple washes and years of use.  Moreover, Shield Plus™ is entirely safe and non-toxic being water based and free from heavy metals, formaldehyde, methanol, polychlorinated phenols or arsenic and it is exhaustively tested for cytotoxicity.

Panaz CEO Tony Attard commented “Whilst we are hopeful that the threat posed by Coronavirus will soon pass, such events remind us of the vigilance those operating within the healthcare industry must have against the spread of new infections.  We are delighted to inform our customers that Panaz Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial Technology is effective against the Coronavirus.



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