Innovation dans les tissus des contrats

31st octobre 2019

Panaz Same Day Deliveries

Our world is getting faster.

In an age of instant messaging, news alerts and on-demand entertainment, immediately responsive and efficient services are quickly becoming the standard, both at home and in the work place. 

With these changes in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of Panaz Same Day, an industry first, same-day courier service, empowering Panaz customers with greater options over their deliveries.

With over three decades of experience in contract furnishings, we appreciate that our clientele are regularly working to meet tight deadlines. With Panaz Same Day, our aim is to provide a quick and dependable service to help our customers to fulfil those last-minute demands.

Consistent with our commitment to embracing innovative technologies, Panaz Same Day is available on all of our stocked fabrics and across the entirety of mainland Britain.

Our knowledgeable sales team are on hand to assist in organising all Panaz Same Day deliveries. To learn more, please contact them on 01282 696969 or send an email to