Innovation in contract fabrics

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Panaz is committed to bringing the most advanced manufacturing techniques into its collections and services. As premier upholstery fabric manufacturers in the UK and worldwide, we strive to push innovation and creativity.

From the very first concepts of design created in the Panaz studio, the highest quality materials including yarns and advanced finishing techniques are deployed to ensure the best products. This constant attention to manufacturing detail has resulted in a number of national awards for innovation concerning all our flame retardant fabrics in the UK and worldwide.

The use of advanced materials ensures that the best standards of flame retardancy and durability are constantly evaluated, resulting in flame retardant fabrics that look good for longer with even the most extreme usage, delivered on time around the world. Panaz has also pushed innovation regarding stain resistant fabrics, for use in the healthcare sector.

Since 1986 Panaz has been committed to manufacturing with consideration given to sustainability and the environment. Sublistatic printing that is water free, ensures that no pollutants run into rivers.  Continuous attention to all manufacturing processes, including waste management, maintains a clean production environment. This is part of the reason Panaz stands above among upholstery fabric manufacturers in the UK and internationally.