Innovation in contract fabrics


The Panaz name has always been synonymous with impeccable quality and uncompromising performance. Our passion and skills associated with the production of textiles ensures that we are critically aware of the technical requirements we need to meet in order to deliver exceptional craftsmanship for all our contract fabrics.

As a specialist contract fabrics producer, a comprehensive performance criterion is created for each design and quality dependent upon the proposed end use. Once established, using state of the art techniques, yarns, colours and chemistry technical standards are rigorously adhered to.

Our in house production and quality control methods are routinely measured by outside assessors for compliance to ISO 9001, however  because not all products are manufactured on site our product development and quality teams visit our suppliers regularly to make sure that their processes and production methods meet all our standards.

Once on our inspection tables the fabric is meticulously checked; in many instances more than three times before our contract fabrics are finally dispatched to our customers around the world.