Innovation in contract fabrics


Service is an important part of the Panaz customer experience.  All of our staff must be committed to understanding and meeting the differing and changing needs of our customers and must endeavour to secure all customers as life time customers of the company.

From the moment a customer sends an email, picks up a phone or meets one of our representatives we want the customer experience to be exceptional. We will strive for excellence in all that we do with a clear understanding of the importance of customer focus and quality of service. When and if problems occur we will deal with them fairly and swiftly with consideration to the customer’s life time business requirement.

We achieve this partly through the initial recruitment and training programme but mainly through staff talking to and spending time with customers to understand their problems and needs, providing honest and impartial information and guidance and reacting to feedback.

All suppliers must also be totally committed to understanding and meeting the differing and changing  needs of our customers globally.