Innovation in contract fabrics

30th September 2021

ReMake and Cadet chosen for new Education Interiors

Commercial furniture representatives, Seibold + Baker’s latest USA education project includes a mix of bespoke and standard Panaz fabrics to bring bursts of bright colour to the venue.


To create both a stimulating and safe environment, high performance Cadet vinyls were employed, which offer exceptional standards of abrasion durability and antimicrobial resistance as well as waterproof and stain resistant protection, allowing for ease of maintenance and longevity of the textiles.

Alongside the vinyls, a custom design was created for the project via Panaz' online bespoke fabric platform, ReMake. With intuitive editing tools as well as thousands of designs available to recolour, rescale and recreate, Seibold + Baker were able to easily select their ReMake design and amend the colours to match their design scheme.


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