Innovation in contract fabrics

3rd November 2021

Flame Retardant Fabrics - Contract & Domestic

Just because a fabric is flame retardant does not mean that it will survive in a contract application.

Generally, fabrics that are used in contract applications, such as hotels, restaurants, theatres bars and clubs are subject to heavier and more frequent use than those used in the home. Therefore, if the fabric is required to last it needs to be engineered for increased durability.

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For more than three decades, Panaz has been making it easier for customers to select safer and more durable flame retardant fabrics without compromising on the appearance and desirability of the fabric. Embracing technological advances and engineering in durability from the beginning of a fabric’s creation has kept us at the fore front of contract fabric design. So even if a manufacturer tells you that a fabric can be made Flame Retardant it does not mean that it is a contract fabric.

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