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Create your own Swatchbook and order samples

The Panaz website has a facility for you to create a personalised Swatchbook and allows you to order samples from the products available. Just follow these simple instructions.


When browsing the collections within the site, pressing the + sign beneath any swatch will automatically load it into the Swatchbook.


The number of swatches you have chosen will be indicated within the navigation bar next to ‘Swatchbook’ as the example above


When you have finished loading, go to the Swatchbook page. Beneath your chosen swatches will be a + or a – symbol. Pressing the + symbol will automatically load these into the Samples folder – you can select up to 10 samples to order. Pressing the – symbol will remove the swatch from the Swatchbook.


When you have finished making your selections simply select ‘Order Selected Samples’. You will then be diverted to the Sample Order page. Complete the details and place your order.