Innovation in contract fabrics


Welcome to ReMake by Panaz.

ReMake marks a turning point in bespoke fabric design. By putting the ability to recolour and rework any Panaz print design directly into your hands, ReMake lets you realise your vision for the project you’re working on.

With an easy-to-use layout, ReMake allows you to express your creativity and truly make your design yours. Designing bespoke prints has never been easier, quicker or more fun and with options for sampling, you can be sure of your design before you send it to production.

Once you’re happy with your creation, our wide range of Panaz basecloths means your design can be printed to suit whatever end use is required, from curtains and cushion covers to bedding and blinds.

Request your ReMake account, along with the ReMake Colour Atlas and Basecloth Swatchbook pack by emailing us at

Learn more by watching our instructional video below, then log into ReMake and start creating.