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Shieldplus by Panaz Antimicrobial Technology


Shieldplus antimicrobial technologies are fast acting, safe and durable against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. It provides a nanotechnology-based protection that acts on the physical structure of a bacteria or virus by piercing the cell wall. The non-migrating treatment attracts, pierces, deactivates and electrocutes the biochemicals within each microbe on contact. This includes the Coronavirus.

Shieldplus on the Panaz Textile Range

Our Shieldplus fabrics have been used effectively in healthcare, hospitality and workspace situations for over 15 years. By using Panaz fabrics treated with Shieldplus, environments can be made safer and with the largest collection of fabrics treated with Shieldplus in Europe, design, flame retardancy and comfort need not be compromised. Click here to view our collections with Shieldplus and see them arranged by colour as part of our Colour Stories brochure.

Shieldplus is applied to Panaz fabric during manufacture. Our process creates a covalent bond that fixes the antimicrobial into the fabric permanently giving the long-lasting protection required for a high traffic environment. Shieldplus provides the highest level of protection, shielding against microbes such as Coronavirus, MRSA, C-diff Spore and Norovirus. For a more complete germ spectrum of efficiency please see the Shieldplus online brochure.


Shieldplus Antimicrobial Cleaning System (UK availablity only)

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Shieldplus topical solutions use our non-migrating technology to provide a safe and effective antimicrobial protection for use on surfaces and laundry. These products are tried and tested to provide a long-lasting antimicrobial solution in hospitality, healthcare and workspace environments.

Protect is a water-based technology that forms an invisible, protective, layer on both fabric and hard surfaces, delivering a unique anti-microbial barrier that kills bacteria and viruses immediately on contact, including the coronavirus. A light spray offers long-term protection, as well as added stain resist properties, that is effective for up to 90 days.

Laundry brings all the 90-day antibacterial and antiviral benefits of Protect to the washing cycle together with the added benefit of an integral fabric conditioner. Shield Plus Laundry will add a new level of cleanliness to clothes, towels, sheets, pillowcases and all aspects of your laundry. For further information please see the online brochure or the shieldplus topicals website,

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